This trick is a really really useful one: you can use it, for example, to make your dog stay while you are hiding stuff (like a toy to fetch) - and if your dog masters it you will be able to leave your dog out of a shop, say 'Stay' and - when you came out - find him in the same position you left him.

When you say 'Stay' your dog will stay in the spot you placed him, either sitting or laying down.

How to do it
Hold a treat in front of your dog and make him sit. Then say 'Stay' and, while holding your hand open in front of him, walk away a few steps - always facing him and always saying 'Good Boy' (if he doesn't move). Start with just a few steps and make the stay always longer (try also to go to ther rooms or behind corners). Give him the treat when you go back to him.

Tips & Tricks
You can have your dog sit when he is staying, but you can also make him stay when he is in the 'Lay' position.

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