Fetch - part 1

The 'fetch' trick is probably one of the most played with dogs and puppies: all parks around the world are full of people who throw a stick, a ball, a Frisbee - and of dogs who bring them back to their owners. Wanna learn how to do it? Read on! :-)

Quite simply, you throw a toy or a stick and your dog runs to get it and brings it back to you.

How to do it
It's really easy to have your dog run after something you throw (this is called "predatory instinct": chase anything that's running away from you): the tough part is to have him bring it back to you.
Let's do it this way: start with your puppy right by you, and throw a toy (a tennis ball, for example) in the room where you are. Your puppy will immediately follow it and grab it. As soon as he has it in his mouth, call you puppy back to you, showing him a treat. Praise him if he moves towards you (even a few inches!) but give him the treat only when he comes where you are and leaves the toy (possibly in your hand).
If he drops the toy or he goes another way, just go grab the toy where he left it and start over.

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Kristen said...

When my dog fetch`s ithrowit he get but whenI tell to come he leaves it