Fetch - Stop'n'go!

To have your dog fetch a stick or a ball is quite fun: but to have your dog wait for your signal to go fetch the stick - now THAT is something!

You will teach your dog to stay when you throw the ball or the stick, and to not move untill you tell him to "Go fetch!"

How to do it
It is really important that your dog knows how to stay and to fetch before you can teach him this trick (and he has to enjoy fetching things quite a lot).
Anyhow, make your dog stay, and then throw the stick - quite close to you and to your dog. Keep praising him while he doesn't move: your dog will be pointing at the stick but will stay, waiting for your order: after a few seconds say "Go!" - with a quite strong voice - and your dog will run to get the stick - give him a treat when he comes back to you.
If he runs after the stick as soon as you throw it, just say "No", go get the stick - and repeat (don't forget to always pratice stay, it's a great and very useful exercise!

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