It is really important that you are able to get the attention of your puppy when you need it: you'll be more effective when teaching him tricks and you'll also have a tool to "distract" your dog from doing things you don't want him to do.

How to do it
Start sitting or kneeling, in front of your puppy. Hide your hands (so he won't be distracted looking at them) and say 'Focus' (or say your dog's name): as soon as he looks at you in your eyes start praising him (always keep eye contact) and after a few seconds give him a treat. If he looks somewhere else, just call him again and start over.
Try to lengthen the time while he's focused on you, but remember that after a few seconds (it depends, but if he stays focused for 10-15 seconds he's a really good dog!) you have to let him go...

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